November 27

A Art of Human Imperfection

May 1, 2022 12:40 PM
I'm actually happy
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Art is human imperfection, challenging machineries that established commonality.

A world that is only functioning,
Is a world that is most efficient.
A world that is only functioning,
Is a world without crashes and collisions.
Similarly, in a world in which every member acts in a predetermined and agreed way,
everything that gets done,
gets down perfectly,
and works precisely,
with nothing acting or showing wrong.
and work towards efficiency.
The more efficient one is in life,
the more cash they will get to spend on stuff,
Stuff that will help improving one’s efficiency,
Avoiding more crashes and collisions in the future.
Making life more stable,
Making life more predictable,
Causing actors less stressing,
More joy and relaxing.
But if nothing is colliding,
No mistakes cause dividing,
Of steps, that one did not for plan,
So one wouldn’t change some future plan.
No incentive for change would be raised,
With no new ideas that would be chased.
With no one complaining,
And with no one challenging the decision making,
Productivity will stay the same,
With no one improving some very known game.
So efficiency causes us to set,
As efficiency causes us no unrest,
to test what’s known to be a status quo,
That could be improved to show a status pro.
So human imperfection proves to be the thing,
That allows us to consider, allows us to rethink,
Allows us to improve our common standards,
Making imperfection, the only thing that seems to be causing any change in development.
So everyone just aiming to be efficient,
Will only cause us to think, but not different.
Instead, It will cause us to try to perfect,
trapping us all in hamster wheels,
With time letting efficiency develop rapid speed,
Speed that causes us to run the circle faster.
Unfortunately, speed alone doesn’t get you anywhere,
you need actual displacement, getting you somewhere,
displacement you will only archive, by crashing,
braking free from your rabbit-hole-like hamster wheel.
So what is life without collision?
What is life if nothing does drifting?
Would drunk-betting be even a thing,
Resulting of numbing our capability for efficiency?
Would life be a constant,
with the only factor,
Being a countries GPD,
constantly getting fatter?
Would love or friendship even exist,
As no bumping-into would cause some to kiss,
With relationships just complicating matter,
Totally useless, in a world without any clutter.
It’s human imperfection I’m calling art,
That allows us to question, allows us to ask,
Weather what we know is actually right,
Or could be improved, with our live’s being more bright.
For me:
Art represents a body out of sync.
Art represents a broken machinery.
Art causes second-guessing.
Art causes Progression.
Art is the only thing that keeps us evolving.