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Activity List Henri Klein
Find my full Portfolio here:
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Table Of Contents:
ACTIVITIES pre and since Bromsgrove School
Testimonials by my bosses and teachers
Upcoming this summer
Before Bromsgrove
During my exchange year in BC, Canada 2020-2021
Sports: Cross country Ran four our school as one of BCs top 50 runners and placed 28
Designing: Co-designed official posters to refurbish old electricity boxes
Clothing Branding: Build my own online collection and brand and sold 20 Hoodie units
Coding: Learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS coding, allowing me to start building my one personal portfolio website
Regarding projects with my friends at “The knowledge society (teen accelerator)
PathCheck Foundation: during the start of COVID, I joined a global Challenge helping the PathCheck foundation to develop a Covid tracing app distribution plan aiming for 50% adoption rate. We ended up being one of the winning teams that met virtually with the growth department. Click here for more information and proposal
United Nations Human Rights: Dhaka, Bangladesh can be understood as a country with massive inequality, not allowing women to thrive in the digital economy. As we understood that Bangladeshi mothers often have little time in their full day, and little access to technology, this comes of now wonder. We planned on building educations centers women can sign up for, and complete Google certified qualification within 8 weeks, 2 hours a day, while in-house caretaking looks after the children. At $68 per person. Ended up talking to Shaloo Garg, managing director at the UN proposing our idea. Click here for more information and proposal
TKS Moonshot Winner: Evolved the idea of using photolithographic DNA synthesis at Storix, creating a reliant and efficient alternative to conventional storage. Click here for more information and proposal
Besides, last year:
Mobile Development: Further advanced my programming skills, and learned flutter, a framework that allows to compile fir Windows, MacOS, Web, iOS, and Android. I did so step by step, by building my own social media application available on the AppStore. Click here for more information and proposal
The German Health foundation: As I build up my online presence on LinkedIn and YouTube, I got introduced to Dr. Peter Mueller, CEO, and chairman at the German Health Foundation. He Offered me a position to build a mobile travel guiding app, that allowed users all over the world to access mediational verified information offline, and from everywhere. “DocÜberall”, so the app, however, wasn’t released yet for reasons out of my control, that had nothing to do with my performance. App website ¶ foundation website
Speer EDU: Build a web platform with friends for teenagers all over the world interested in specific fields with little access to mentors or general knowledge and tips. We Created a blog and chat-based program that allows Students to select specific regions in which we provide them with volunteering mentors and their profiles. Web Platform
Managed Frontend Development at prematch: Last April, I started working (besides school, the UN challenge, and other hobbies), to work 20-hour weekdays at a startup called Prematch. Prematch essentially provides all the german armature footballers, that didn’t make it, with the same stats, market evaluations and news updates, as the professional league gets. After “astonishing work”, I was quickly assigned a great responsibility, and quickly managed and administrated the release of weekly app updates to the growing beta tester community of about 5000 users. As the months continued, I more and more shifted to growth and managing work, overseeing, and communicating between the devs and the founder team. There were hilarious moments when I interviewed 26 y/o master students about their skills and why they wanted to join the startup and was asked to evaluate and decide about their application. In the end, I worked 6 months at Prematch, build complete sections of the app and a whole analytics system. During my time, we managed to place top 3 of the german AppStore charts! Website
Since Bromsgrove
201 School Magazine: I joined the school’s magazine club and wrote two articles on the topics of time and innovations shaping our future. I was asked to handle the lay outing next year, as I have previous experience handling school newspapers from my former school.
House Debating: I was representing Housman in the opposition to “wether all countries should have the same right to nuclear weapons and won against Elmhurst together with Ibu.
Duke Of Edinburgh: Stated doing the gold program
Bromsgrove Astronomy Society: Got access to the school’s equipment and am trusted with using telescoped to further advance my passion of researching the skies.
World Economics Forum Youth Council member: Got invited to represent Germany in official WEF debates arguing ethics of AI and their implementations.
Eco Committee: Joined and co-organized the Swap shop. Gave speeches at houses making them aware of the shop and am currently working on a comeback with better preparation.
PPE: Doing mainly philosophical lessons with Dr. Jewkes discussing and arguing views and ethics established in society.
Prep School Science Club Helper (cas)
Henri is one of the most talented creatives I've worked with. I'm impressed by his outstanding drive, growth mindset and versatile skillset. He's an upcoming star in the startup ecosystem. I'm proud to be a small part of his growth journey.
Lukas Röhle, Co-Founder Prematch
I worked with Henri as a mentor throughout 2020/2021. He is an excellent group member and with his leadership his team went on to be one of the finalists in a global challenge we had with the United Nations. Henri is proficient both technically and as a leader. He is driven by curiosity and a drive to help others. I am positive he will go on to do great things and am excited to follow him on his journey
Amna Hyder Associate Director at the Knowledge Society
Thanks to his dedication, Henri promptly completed tasks in a planned and systematic manner. His results were always to our complete satisfaction. He also mastered difficult, unknown tasks flawlessly and shone with his ambitions and was always open to new ideas.
Mandy Schlotter, head of HR at Bourros GmbH
Henri has handled the development of my application to my full satisfaction in a reliable and transparent manner. He has actively come up with new product ideas and improvements and was always straight up with what didn’t make sense to him.
Dr. Peter Mueller, CEO at Stiftung Gesundheit
Since day 1, Henri has thrilled us with his incredible creativity and open-mindedness. The way he proactively brings in his own ideas is remarkable. I am happy to have met a talent like him so early in his development and am extremely humbled to accompany him on his further journey. Great things to come for this amazing human being!
Niklas Brackmann, Co-Founder at Prematch
This summer:
Internship at N26: