Copy of Playbook: Delivering A Hackathon Pitch

Copy of Playbook: Delivering A Hackathon Pitch

Purpose: To help you nail your pitch presentations and communicate effectively.

Highlights ☝️

Understand your end goal (this isn't an investment pitch)
It all comes down to the pitch, it doesn't matter how good your idea is if your pitch is bad
Get to the problem and solution quickly
Do you have data validating this is a problem people care about?
Bring enthusiasm and tone changes to emphasize points
Every slide should help communicate your point- high standards
Show mockups / demo your solution

Examples Of High Standard Pitches

Note: These are different kinds of pitches, however, the elements still apply.
Good Overall
Watch full video
(Ignore how she is cut off in the top corner, that was a screen recording issue)
Story Telling Intro
Watch 15s-1:10
Captivating Intro
Watch 15s-1M
Strong Ending
Watch 13m-End
Emphasis and Tone
Watch 4:54m-5:17m

Pitch Framework 🖼

Note: The timing for each section is generic. If possible, spend as much time on the solution as you can.
Don't: Do not make a 5 slide presentation with these points. The framework should give you a good understanding of flow, add as many slides as you want.

1. Intro 🚀

Time: 30s
Grab our attention
Be creative with how you start
Don't start with "Hi Judges.. my name is..."
Tell a story or use interesting thoughts and statements "Imagine a world where..." "Ever since I was 8 I have been obsessed with ..." "It has been X amount of years without a solution to cancer. In the same time we have eradicated a, b, c"

2. Problem 🤔

Time: 30s
What specific problem did you identify?
What's the current situation?
Why does this problem exist?

3. Impact → Why this matters 🤷‍♀️

Time: 30s-1m
Who cares about this problem?
What's the big deal?
How do we know this is an important problem to solve?
Validation (Use data)

4. Product / Solution 🧠

Time: 2M
Introduce your solution or product
What does this solution mean to whoever would be using this?
What does this solution mean for the overall problem?
Judges should know what your solution is within the first 30 seconds. Don't just talk about it, show them
Don't be afraid to go technical
Show an App mockup (product mockup)
Demo the product you have built (bonus)

5. Close 👊

Time: 15-30s
Close strong
Tie things together
Make an impression on the judges
What does this mean for the industry / the world?
Inspire or scare
End confidently (do not end with... "and..ya that's it"

Pro tips 💪

Practice a lot (you should know your pitch inside-out but it should not sound robotic)
Bring enthusiasm and personality, don't be BORING!
Your pitch will be with your slide deck (I recommend using loom to record your screen and face. However, you can choose to make the video in whatever way you want)
Do not write a script and read it (We will be able to tell, I guarantee you)
Apply high standards to every slide and don't give the judges an excuse to be distracted by ugly or unnecessary content
Use analogies or storytelling to your advantage to hook in the judges and explain complex topics
Speak slowly and don't mumble
BOSS mentality! (How do you think 27 year old you will pitch in a boardroom?)
Do not ask for money, this isn't an investment pitch
Take a look at the video playbook for lighting tips when you record
Look in the camera! (That's where the judges are)

Resources 🏋️‍♀️

Helpful playbooks