November 27

Deadly Circle of Gossip.

March 21, 2022 12:00 AM
I’m down
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45 min

Deadly circle of gossip.

Friends come and go,
but sometimes it seems like they are already gone.
With them gone,
You seem lost,
Stumbling day in day out,
existing for the sake of doubt.
You try your best,
To keep your act,
, together,
Pretending that with common sense,
You inner fight is of no sense
You walk and talk,
you laugh and joke,
, together,
With all them people,
About all them people.
But while you walk,
And while you talk,
you start to hear,
, them,
Of talking they have done alone,
With you not being tagged along,
About you.
You start to wonder,
And start to conter ,
, them,
With every word you have been told
Continuing the rage wir words
It starts to clear,
You start to hear,
How every being sorrounding you,
seemingly turns mad, fighting you.
And while you walk and while you talk,
They start to walk and start to talk,
, separately divided,
you laught and joke with someone new, -
about them, with them still talking about you.
And while they laugh and joke about you,
You seemingly uncaring continue walking towards someone new,
, Together,
Approaching them, you start to talk,
About their stupid coloured Ford. (Apologies for this rhyme)
The more you walk towards someone new,
The more they continue the talk,
, about you,
Causing you to start to run,
Hussteling away from something they consider fun.
And while you run, you understand,
How everyone must lap the same,
Indefinitely long track of run,
desiring a distant arrival irgendwann :)
You try to run- out run the other,
You try to beat- out beat each other,
With everyone just running further,
The talking now intensifies exponentially further.
You realize you to be a part,
You stop to hustle and start to walk,
Proportional to the amount you talk,
You end the deadly circle of everyone’s talk.
You realize the people making you run to be you,
You realize the person who has started this all to be you,
By toxicsting talk you made them run.
You now try to start to detoxify life.