eco mittee

December 3, 2021 07:38 AM
Study time
Dec 3, 2021
Introducing yourself We are from the Eco-Committee (student-led initiative aimed at raising awareness about the role of the individual and impact of our school on the environment) Have multiple projects running -> newly introduced Swap Shop I Explaining the Swap Shop Shop located upstairs in Hospitality Suite How it works: Any unwanted or spare clothing items / books will be brought to the shop Depending on how many items you dropped off, you can select from the shop and take back to house Don't need to pay any money - system based on trade and exchange of clothes Aimed at creating circular economy Meant to encourage students from constantly purchasing new items that will either: remain in closets and never to be touched again just be added to the charity donation boxes As mentioned - you might be wondering why you shouldn't just give your clothes to charity Donating is obviously for a good cause However not necessarily as sustainable Through creating circular economy that is felled by the exchange of clothes -> won't need to purchase new items as you'll immediately get to pick an item in return Shop is Sustainable due to the fact that no new clothes have to be produced but they rather circulate on school grounds We are well aware that the majority of students are too lazy and would therefore probably be discouraged to hand in clothes if they had to walk to the shop This is why: boxes available in the office in your house Accessible pretty much at any given time - you simply pop into the office and drop off your items You'll only have to let your houseparents or teachers on duty know how many items you handed in Your houseparents will then send an email to the committee with these details and you'll then be able to pop by the Hospitality Suite to shop Opening times Friday during lunch Saturday session 1