November 27

Enslaved by construct

April 22, 2022 08:07 PM
I‘m Deep
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Society is enslaving everyone

and Establish Individual intellectual control.
Society made us call this progress colonization.
Eyy, now you can introduce society.
Command + shift + backspace original culture.
And insert—— society (congrats)
They say balances you. Thanks IKEA.
And sleep!!!
They intellect you. Thanks MEDIA.
In order for you to continue:
One must follow those steps to be a functioning member of society.
But it’s not about society,
rather about being part of the machinery,
fulfilling duty until one is labeled to be in one’s descending years only awaiting inevitable death.
—— we from society Ltd. hope for a rather early death to redirect resources to new and still working members.
I fucking hate you!
Where the individual idea doesn’t matter,
where only a common goal seems to be of matter,
a common goal that got established by a few,
leaving the public actual people without a clue.
Because society isn’t representing people,
only people that are the people of people,
people we reference to as the rich,
directing money neatly into their own pockets- like a glitch.
The rich more rich,
the poor less paying,
the poor then indebted,
with society just saying:
Ohhh you poor poor person,  get your shit together and start working you shame to humanity .
I love you!
At least I respect you.
You are a concept that was able to enslave not just users,
but also it’s creators and administrators.
Because don’t you shit on the rich,
the rich are not the problem of this glitch,
they obviously just thrive for more money,
as they continue their takeover, the only thing they know, hmmmm Jummmy.
Don’t blame them for taking opportunities given to them.
Who wouldn’t like living an excessively lifestyle if one had the ability to?
The rich want to be rich and don’t know better,
as they disrespect the poor for not being rich.
The poor want to be rich and don’t know better,
as they hate the rich for not holding their position.
Dividing into different poles,
you are the only concept that Holds,
a title,  being opposite to what it should say,
defined as collective, instead of what it actually shapes.
You make us work,
you make us hate,
you make us continue-
to enflame the division of wealth.
And the best part:
There’s no bright sight to the problem,
no bright light at the end of the tunnel,
because the only thing people are for working,
Causes even more inequality and chaos inevitably towarding.
I think I might actually quite like you!
You would be interesting to date.
Probably a psycho, though.