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October 14, 2021 02:24 PM
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Oct 18, 2021
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Nonsense sovereignty about an area - doing it outside of the US boundaries - no legal obligation - soft power, but how should people trust in our system when you literally torture people
What is the issue
Order of talk
Henri- Hookup: Watching Movies seeing people get deported and tortured in Guantanamo bay
In Quite a lot of military movies, we hear of a place called Guantanamo Bay. Whether in Suicide Squad, Sniper, or “movie”, Guantanamo bay is always being presented as a US base, where the worst of criminals are being interrogated and secured by the CIA or US military. But is this really a place of evil, or are numbers stating terroristic relations only a result of detainees getting torched to Confession.
Julius-People only get called Detainees, - Nato Enhanced Interrogation(very ironic) (What do they do to the people)
They call people detainees as if they are called prisoners they are guaranteed certain rights by Law. Another Euphemistic term often used there is to refer to torture as, "enhanced interrogation" where the word torture is never used outright to preserve US self-image or to cover it up. This is again to hide the truth of the situation.
Julius-How the US decided to establish a Base in Guantanamo (after 9/11)(specifically cause of Legal gre6
y area)
The naval base covers 116 square kilometers on the western side of the bay. It was established in 1898, after the United States took control of Cuba from Spain following the Spanish–American War. The first President of Cuba offered a perpetual lease for the area around Guantánamo Bay. The 1903 Cuban–American Treaty held for the purposes of operating coaling and naval stations, has "complete jurisdiction and control" of the area while recognizing that the Republic of Cuba retains ultimate sovereignty. Thus creating a legal grey area where US laws do not apply in Guantanamo Bay as Cuba retains ultimate sovereignty.
Namit-Analysis of the issue (power, sovereignty, realism, liberalism
Human rights and their repeated violations in Guantanamo bay. How they torture people there. The people aren't allowed to leave Guantanamo and get a fair trial as that would lead to accusations of Human rights violations by the US. The base itself was founded and used as a way to avoid human rights and US laws B/C as a leased territory none apply in it. The base was founded in a legal grey area to torture people they have no prove to brith in front of Court.
Justice or lack thereof as the US claims to be the protector of democracy and justice but tortures people in their backyard(held without any trial for years on end, where is the justice in that)
Legitimacy: the existence of a US base where they torture prisoners without trial questions the legitimacy of the US as the leader of democracies and a beacon of justice and hope
Why isn’t the world talking about it
US trying to keep it down, which also shows its incredible soft power as it was able to keep the issue and details of Guantanamo bay under the wraps for a long time. It is now more talked about but less than it should be as it highlights the double sidedness of Americans, who blame China for doing the same to Uighur and violating Human rights
Why do you think the world should be talking more about it?
The Irony of the US and its Liberal view which it is trying to make other countries democratic while establishing a small American city with 6000 Soldiers, A Cinema and a McDonalds, a Golfing Range and so for outside of US boundaries, in an indefinitely leased land where there is no recognition of human rights or US laws and where they literally torcher people to compliance
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What is going to happen next?
Due, to the war of terror ending and the US starting a new phase of combating China. It is likely that the Base would just over time fall into disuse as no new prisoners are brought in and the ones there cant leave so they die in there.
a few weeks ago i went to the cinema and
watched the film the
mauritanians it is about mohamed ould slahi and
his imprisonment in the notorious
us prison camp of the montana mobile
naval base in cuba he was imprisoned there for almost
15 years without
ever being tried
the film was made contains some scenes in which
food from mcdonald's plays a role
here as lucky is rewarded with a
philosophical confession for a confession made under torture
later in another scene
the smell alone makes him nauseous when his lawyer gives
him one of the classic brown bags
bring along and I just thought wait
there is a mcdonald's in guantanamo?
yes there is and so our
research began on one of the most absurd and
disturbing places in the world
that is man for 34 here he was
tortured and imprisoned for more than 14 years
even though he just like
all innocent he is one of
hundreds of danes this fate
happened here on the on the other
side of a gentle range of hills
is the actual
us military base the
ard correspondent julia kastein was
there just a few weeks ago so this
us military base in guantanamo
bay you have to imagine how such a
sleepy small american town
lives 6000 soldiers soldiers and their
families and that keep the whole
thing going there is something you can find in a
small town in the hospital a supermarket
there is a school and mcdonald's and
all sorts of things yes there is the whole caribbean
flair so a few palm trees and a lot of
iguana there are iguanas that are
actually under nature protection there standing
guantanamo is absolutely so real and
this mcdonald's for many reasons
very special but let's
first consider both sides of the hill
separately the military base itself
has a long, complicated history,
roughly simplified at the end of the nineteenth
century, cuba wanted to become independent from
spain and there were two wars
the usa supported the independence
efforts and
finally even actively participated in the second
war in the fight against spain
they then said the contador
and decided that they could rent them forever from cuba as a thank you
for the help
that became a special place as cuba
became communist and people did
n't get along well then there
were mines and cactus cards everywhere on the border
and in between
castro turned off the water at the base
today the cuban government sees
an illegal occupation of
their country in the base and actually has it
gladly say back the usa but
we have this ancient lease
and you can only
terminate it with both signatures
and you won't get ours and theoretically you have
the ultimate control
over the country just not practically
who is responsible for this matter in detail
interested we have you a
corresponding article in the
description ibung linked that is at least
the history of the origins of the base and
the said mcdonald's restaurant was opened
there in
1986 it is the
only one in cuba to this day, then the
attacks of september 11th followed and the
war on terror began
the usa were shocked angry panicked
out of revenge and absolutely needed
guilty people in no time
at all suspected people were
captured, especially in the middle east, for
example one was 18 years old and actually
a security guard in his home in yemen
he happened to be in afghanistan and
was kidnapped there like many others
he was first locked in a secret prison of
the ce a so-called black
sites there he was tortured in the most inhuman way
he admitted he was an egyptian
recruiter for al
kaida then went to guantanamo without a trial -
they wanted a place where one could be
beyond the regular us justice first of all
this presumably from ameri Kan's point of view can lock up
fire-threatening terrorists
and that's when Guantanamo Bay came up
that doesn't belong to the
american mainland and it
got me to the american
judiciary in wiesenfeld as a
military base again in no uncertain terms
the usa have created a place
where their own rules and
laws not valid to torture people there
imprison them indefinitely without trial we have
spoken with man for hours his
story is hard to bear in places
he was officially released in 2016
because he no longer poses a threat
to the states he was brought to
serbia because he is still
you can't go back to your home country you
still don't feel
really free there you can't work
or travel recently he published a book
about his experiences in
guantanamo lawyers doctors
in geniuses and teachers today
39 have actually been convicted so
far about a handful
have been
overturned in many cases the vast majority of
people were finally
released again some are now fighting
alongside the taliban in afghanistan the new york lawyer mountain jacob
mansour and represented some of the other prisoners
for many years and
campaigned for their release, so
she was regularly on site
to speak to her clients as a
sign of politeness and respect
, she always brought them something to eat
or drink and so belonged
This part of her work regularly includes
a visit to
mcdonald's murat kurnaz is a german turk who was
innocently detained and tortured in guantanamo for five years
being made a specific accusation at all
, this is how it felt from his
perspective when his lawyer
visited him there we came on next
day with two big works by
mcdonald's so i asked him where did you get it from
300 meters further there then with
otherwise i realized that we are being
challenged behind mcdonald's and so
maybe i have to appeal to mcdonald's,
maybe not at all
that we asked jacob
if all of this didn't seem
incredibly absurd to her
hundreds of people were
held prisoner without trial in guantánamo and tortured
originally to get the masterminds of nine
eleven by it, at least that worked out at the
moment five alleged
responsible persons behind the nine eleven are being
attacked The process is done that is
an incredibly tedious undertaking
everyone that is being made in guantanamo for the
special tribunal in the
process was tortured and mostly
before they even came to guantanamo,
hardly any of the five are said to
have been exposed to so-called waterboarding 130 times before he did so said that
has what you hear from him and that makes
these processes even
more complicated because these are
state secrets that are kept
and above all, of course, they are of course
not really admissible
that all this part of the place is
buildings and structures in which countless
crimes against humanity
the camp has become a concrete
and barbed wire memorial
that the alleged fight
against terrorism is all too often misused as a reason to justify
atrocities and violations of the law
how does it all fit together that
mcdonald's restaurant has been around for
much longer than the prison camp
it was built as a piece of home for the stationed emergency services
that is still today
. fries were fried here for years before mohamed
ould slahi was served the first fish as
a reward there are reviews
on google where guests are about the
nice chicken mcnugg ets or the
vintage interior look forward to the mcdonald's
is above all one thing completely normal julia
kastein described to us that this
bizarre feeling of normality
prevails throughout the base and it is
precisely this normality that
seems so terribly perverted to us something
so american in close proximity to
that image of the total betrayal of
one's own national values that it was the
fenced-in salute de ronald
mcdonald in the outside area of the restaurant
and behind this chain of hills the
usa systematically tortured countless people
right next to the mcdonald
there is a mall with its
own souvenir shop there are
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nobert days god wisdom heitz
what a schizophrenic
absurd disturbing bad place