November 27

Like-minded Shadows

March 21, 2022 12:00 AM
Iโ€™m heartbroken
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120 min
Imagine shadows to be likeminded humans,
with aligning interests but different intentions.
Your shadow would talk and walk similarly,
Would act parallel, left and right, up and down,
but when you are just about to type it,
would reveal itself as hybrid.
It would read the same books, watch parallel movies or visit matching classes,
it would collect the same things and laugh about the same jokes,
but when you think you found your shadow and try to catch it,
It would react in unforeseen ways with you now standing next to it.
And by the way, shadow isnโ€™t meant in a bad way, really,
not like a replica,
more like perfect Margret for Billy,
in which Margret would be elusive.
And while you still think they are like you,
they struggle to find the light brightening you,
portraying them in a certain similar way of you,
keeping them from seeing themselves fulfilled with you.
And when you try to contact your shadow,
it seems to try to subtract and hellow,
avoiding you, approaching them,
voiding you into no-manโ€™s-land.