November 27

Me, Raging

March 21, 2022 12:00 AM
Me sad
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Me, raging

There’re quite a few things in common society I don’t understand.

Why does politeness exist,
if everyone using it,
Is only meant to be using it,
With no one actually meaning it.
If politeness is only meant to deal rudeness,
Politness becoming hidden rudeness,
Doesn’t actually effect rudeness,
Rather redesigns standards of common rudeness.
So politeness is just a social construct,
designed to appeal for more meaningful conduct.
Because it’s obviously better to pretend respecting,
Instead of having people actually earn your respecting,
Because apparently, so it seems,
Fake respect doesn’t matter, only the way people are seen.
And with everyone just being nice,
And everyone telling you’re doing so nice,
You cannot divide between “really nice”
And every thing else they say to be “perfectly nice”.
So you start to wonder what really and perfect actually means,
While you can’t remember the last time somebody actually seemed,
To tell you that what you have done,
Would quite benefit from being a little re-done.
You see no black,
you only see white,
And cannot devide,
From what they say and what is actually right.
And that’s why I ask,
To be real,
With me.
Be strait, not nice,
Respect will be you, earning the price
—- notes I want to keep
Do people therefore value other pinions more, then their won?
Why are people embarrassed,
of things they said,
if everything they said,
must have been a logical chain of reactions to what occurred to them.]